Zimbra recovering deleted files through zimbra dumpster

One of zimbra feature useful to recover specific files deleted by mistake.

Today get one support request by customer, email missing or not receive mention by his user. From email client totally no email from that particular sender and the email client setup with pop3 protocol to download all email from server mailbox. However there were option enable to not to delete email within 14 days after download from server. So the customer check from the zimbra webmail, the email should be there, but nothing there. Something had happen might be delete by user or somebody else that have access on it.

This can be avoid with two option.
1. By installation email archive (Zimbra own archiving or other third party such barracuda message archive)
2. Enable zimbra dumpster to locate and restore back deleted message

With the option number two, i will guide you how to enable and get protect from being accused you are not doing your job as email administrator.

You will need this 4 setting to be accomplished

  • zimbraDumpsterEnabled – if the dumpster feature is enabled or disabled.
  • zimbraDumpsterPurgeEnabled – if the users can empty/purge their dumpster.
  • zimbraDumpsterUserVisibleAge – number of days to allow users to view and recover the messages stored in the dumpster.
  • zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime – number of days to keep items stored in the dumpster before automatically purging them.

Here how to use above 4 setting to enable dumpster for 30 days retention and user be able to recover it. After 30 days, it will auto purged.

zmprov mc default zimbraDumpsterEnabled "TRUE" zimbraDumpsterPurgeEnabled "TRUE" zimbraDumpsterUserVisibleAge "30d" zimbraMailDumpsterLifetime "30d"

Here how to search item in the dumpster base on user.

zmmailbox -z -m [email protected] s --dumpster -l 30 --types message larger:1kb


[[email protected] ~]$ zmmailbox -z -m [email protected] s --dumpster -l 30 --types message larger:1kb

num: 1, more: false

      Id  Type   From                  Subject                                             Date

   —–  —-   ——————–  ————————————————–  ————–

1. 63583  mess   Mustaffa              Ujian email pada 8.45 pagi                          05/25/18 00:46

Next post i will share on how to manage handle dumpster account.






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