Total Data Protection with Datto

Backup solutions for your datacenter

For this time, i’m going to focus on backup solutions. Maybe someone out there thinking that backup is not as important for their system and infrastructure. But as the disaster or critical event happen (ransomware attack, virus attack, malware attack, server failure, system corrupt, file missing, database corrupted, human error, disaster due to flood, building collapse, datacenter catch on fire etc), this backup is the number one source that you’ll search for and from here you will notice how important is the backup for you and your organization.

Datto, one of the solutions that easy to manage and handle. Its the first fully featured data protection. Can protect any physical server, virtual and cloud infrastructure thats run on Microsoft Windows, Linux, VMware or HyperV. Perform backup to its local storage and have ability to replicate backups to Datto Cloud.

Recovery are the most important process in backup. It is useless if you have backup but unable to recover the data from backup archive. With Datto, recovery can be done with 3 step and you be able to get it up within a minutes.


  1. All in one platform
  2. Hybrid cloud protection
  3. Instant virtualization (On premis or Cloud)
  4. Agentless or agent based backup
  5. Inverse chain technology
  6. End to end encryiption
  7. Advance screenshot verification
  8. Image base backup
  9. As network attach storage
  10. Sync and share
  11. Powerful search and restore
  12. Backup insight
  13. Backup retention

Three point to be focus on :-


  • Base on agent – deploy into your physical host or virtual machine.
  • Base on agentless – deploy using integration with VMware or HyperV
  • Creating backup as simple as follow the wizard. (lol if that was hard to follow)
  • Backup screenshot verification to ensure your backup is at its best


  • Few ways to recover as easy as follow the wizard. Select which system that you have backup and wanted to do recovery.
  • Choose the recovery type :-
    • File Restore
    • Local Virtualization
    • Virtualzize in the cloud
    • Virtualize via hypervisor
    • ESX upload
    • Bare metal restore
    • Diskless restore
    • Export image
    • Choose recovery point – by selecting the time to restore base on your backup timing.
    • Start recover. Its easy and fun lol.


  • Replication for Datto only available through its cloud infrastructure. Named as Datto Cloud. Using Inverse Chain Technology, method using asynchronous mirroring that unifies backup continuity for both agent and agentless backup options.




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