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  • Enable the ftp on ajenti virtual site

    You have deploy ajenti-v which included a wordpress blog in it. Now sometime you require to upload a custom script for your website and you used to do it with FTP client. Ajenti-V have include a package such “ajenti-v-pureftpd:all” but usually it wont work properly. Here i share you some solutions found from google¬† This […] More

  • How to deploy wordpress for the first time

    Introduction WordPress is the easiest and most powerful tools for blogging and website content management system. Its an open source website creation tool written in PHP. Step 1 – Open up the start page This usually your website url / domain or IP of your webserver Step 2 – Start the Installation Click on “Continue” […] More

  • Installing wordpress on Ajenti-V

    Introduction As the completion of deployment Ajenti-V. Now we are going to demonstrate deploying wordpress on it and host a blog or website for you. Lets begin with open up your Ajenti-V control panel. Step 1 – Creation of Website Once login into your Ajenti-V, click “Website” on the left menu. Now start create the […] More

  • Deploy ajenti-v as add-on module for ajenti

    Introduction Ajenti-v is an add-on module allowing the creation of website from inside the Ajenti panel. So this help you not only managing the server but also as platform to manage multiple website under one server. Step 1 – Remove any apache deployment on the server Run below command to remove the apache if you […] More