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  • Enable the ftp on ajenti virtual site

    You have deploy ajenti-v which included a wordpress blog in it. Now sometime you require to upload a custom script for your website and you used to do it with FTP client. Ajenti-V have include a package such “ajenti-v-pureftpd:all” but usually it wont work properly. Here i share you some solutions found from google This […] More

  • Rise up and attack the day – Spartan

    Its crazy but fun…my friend did ask me “you pay that expensive just to hurt your self”…im answering with “yes why not”…life is short…you get what i target just to get fit and loosing my stress…when im running, i leave my problem behind and focus on my running while having fun with it… More

  • Resetting lost admin password of fortigate

    It is normal user had forgot the admin password set on their firewall appliance. I’m going to share step to reset the admin password. However you need direct physical access to the appliance. This procedure require the firewall appliance to be reboot Item require for this procedure console cable Terminal software such as putty.exe (Microsoft […] More

  • Recovering lost password for Dell Force10 Switch

    Its been a while i have not update my blog. Busy with “something” lol. Last week, there were request from my customer to recover their lost password for their san switch. Their using Dell Force10 48port. As usual this exercise require reboot so production network shall down for more less 30sec. Step 1 acquire you […] More

  • Handling long queue email in Zimbra

    Spam mail, there is the situation where your zimbra server getting attack by spam due to spoofing and bruteforce attack to your zimbra user which using simple password or clicking links from phishing mail and supplying secret information to the attackers. Gaining this information giving opportunity to the attackers to use the zimbra server as […] More

  • Backup and Replication with Veeam

    Previously i was talking about Datto for backup and recovery solutions. Today i’m going to share you another solutions from veeam. Mainly for virtualization solutions such hyperV and VMware. However this year they are drift a bit to physical server solutions. Veeam is easy to use and affordable backup and availability solutions depending how large […] More

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