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  • Handling long queue email in Zimbra

    Spam mail, there is the situation where your zimbra server getting attack by spam due to spoofing and bruteforce attack to your zimbra user which using simple password or clicking links from phishing mail and supplying secret information to the attackers. Gaining this information giving opportunity to the attackers to use the zimbra server as […] More

  • Tips and tricks for zimbra email logs

    We have learn on how to restart the Zimbra services in here. Now lets continue on basic learning how to manage and maintaining Zimbra base on logs. Tips 1 – View the Zimbra logs activity You have an eagle eye to run through live activity of your zimbra email logs. In the perspective of seeing […] More

  • Understand the zimbra services

    How was Zimbra born? Developed by LiquidSys and change the name to Zimbra. Release in 2005. Being purchase by Yahoo in 2007 and sold to VMware in 2010. Back in 2013 it has been sold again by VMware to Telligent System  and finally acquired by Synacor Inc in 2015 till today. What is Zimbra? Two […] More